The Flowers Of Fantastico Premieres Today!


Brain Melt Consortium is pleased to announce the world premiere of bisexual romantic horror comedy web series The Flowers of Fantastico.

One fateful evening, freshly heartbroken Tara, her best friend Gary, and his go-go-dancer boyfriend Billi, discover a mysterious VHS tape that harbors a dark secret. Enter supernatural assassins, demon-fighting nuns, magical dance fights, and an eternally young, possibly evil, but definitely gay Hollywood celebrity… who will cast a seductive spell over Tara. Don't miss The Flowers of Fantastico! It's truly fantastic...o!

The first five episodes will be released on Feb 14, ready to crush your Valentine's Day dreams and invade your nightmare. Your dirty, dirty nightmares.

But since we assume everyone else's patience is as bad as ours, we released a sneak preview, available to watch RIGHT THIS SECOND on YouTube.

"It's Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Seinfeld" says creator Rachel Kerry, the mastermind behind the series.

Producer Tara Sheffer insists, "The Flowers of Fantastico creates a weird and wonderful genre-fusion never before seen... we need more Bisexual Romantic Horror Comedies! More BiRoHorComs!"

Presented by transmedia production company Brain Melt Consortium, this ambitious new web series brings together a hyper-creative team who are thrilled to release it out into the wild. Starring Victoria Longwell and David Mangiamele, The Flowers of Fantastico is found at:

Watch Episode 1-3 Now!

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Interview Series: Out with Dad Cast


For 3 seasons the Canadian webseries, "Out With Dad" has managed to garner accolade after accolade, amassing thousands of fans from around the world.

Created by Jason Leaver, OWD debuted in Summer, 2010 and since then it has become one of the most successful and awarding-winning LGBTQ-themed internet shows ever produced.

Out With Dad is a series that essentially is about teenage lesbian Rose and her coming out with her single father Nathan; her challenges about coming out and follows the struggles Nathan deal with as a parent of a gay child.

OWD has managed to mobilize their massive fans into supporting their efforts to keep the series alive by the inventive and fun filled funding campaigns held over each of the three seasons.

Written, directed, and produced by Jason Leaver through his production company JLeaver Presentations and because the series has dealt with themes like 'coming out', 'teenage LGBT' and in Season 3, issues of 'homophobia, bullying in school, and LGBT homelessness' will be tackled. Because of this it has been fully endorsed by PFLAG Canada.

With over 18 million views, OWD is translated in over 10 languages and beginning season 3, France TV has bought the Canadian web series and started broadcasting it last year on its Season 3 debut.

This year will also see the introduction of the spin-off series, Vanessa's Story. (See Trailer) The new series will run parallel to the story of Out With Dad, the story tells of the harsh reality in store for many teens when they aren't accepted by their families because they came out. For Vanessa, being true to herself means leaving home for the uncertainty and the danger of the streets of Toronto.

The following is a interview conducted by me (Tee, founder of The PNT Tv Network) and the entire main cast of Out with Dad.

Please send contributions to:

Ready for some binge watching? Head on over to PNT Tv and watch the series from its beginning. Episode will debut soon!

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Interview Series: Dyke Central's Florencia Manovil


Created by Florencia Manovil and Arnetta Smith, Dyke Central is an Oakland-based dramedy that centers around 30-something butch roommates Alex and Gin...Surrounded by a diverse group of friends who guide, challenge, and support them. Alex and Gin struggle to adapt to change and create balance in their lives without losing themselves.

What separates Dyke Central from every other queer series that seems to be sprouting from every digital-camera holding filmmaker with a vision, is its diversity. However, it doesn't just throw minorities into the mix to appease its audience or to get noticed, it honest-to-goodness revels in its different-ness. From the storylines to the cast, the series swells to bursting, in it display of our community's true face.

It is clear from its twenty-plus minute pilot, that Dyke Central is not only rich in its diversity, but that the value of its production, the strong performances of the entire cast and obvious care taken by its crew to deliver as close to a mirror of the community it is trying to portray as I have ever seen depicted in a LGBTQ webseries.

If you are looking for a organic reflection of the queer community on film, give Dyke Central a go.

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Florencia moved to the U.S. at the age of 18 to pursue film studies, eventually settling in the San Francisco Bay Area after living in Boston and New York for several years. Florencia is committed to bringing underrepresented communities to the screen, as well as showcasing Oakland and the Bay Area at large.

Florencia is a feminist filmmaker passionate about independent film, social justice, environmentalism, and queer identities. In 2008, she directed her first feature film, "Fiona's Script". The film played at several national and international festivals. Development of her second feature, “Star-Crossed,” was put on hold so that she could focus on “Dyke Central”.

Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Florencia Manovil, the co-creator, writer, director and producer of the new webseries, Dyke Central. The following is that conversation.

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Second Annual Dinah Film Festival



Palm Springs, CA – Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend, in association with One More Lesbian (OML), have announced the official selection of lesbian-themed projects that will be screened at this year’s “Dinah Film Festival.”

The Fest, which debuted last year to immense success, is set to return this year again at the Palm Springs Hilton Hotel on Friday, April 4 at 8:00pm offering attendees the chance to preview a slew of unique and original programs.

The 2014 Dinah Film Festival will showcase five web series, and present three exclusive world-premieres featuring a short film, a documentary and an exclusive advanced trailer.

The categories are as follow:
Dyke Central is an Oakland-based dramedy that centers around 30-something butch roommates Alex and Gin. Surrounded by a diverse group of friends who guide, challenge and support them, Alex and Gin struggle to adapt to change and create balance in their lives without losing themselves.

#Hashtag: friend Me. Follow Me. Like Me. Fall for Me. #Hashtag follows the love lives of two technology-obsessed friends in Chicago. From Instagram seduction to inappropriate selfies, Twitter over sharing to OKCupid dating, Liv and Skylar are about to learn the real-life consequences of over-indulgence in the virtual world.  The show stars Marnie Alton (Exs & Ohs, Cowgirl Up), stand up comedian Caitlin Berg and actress/writer Laura Zak.

Kiss Her I’m Famous (Season 2) is an intelligent satire created by Filmmaker Rolla Selbak (Three Veils), starring Tracy Ryerson (The Real L-Word) and Ilea Matthews, and featuring Noureen DeWulf (Anger Management). The show follows two hilarious and clueless characters Jen and Mandy who aim to create a celebrity sex tape to launch them into fame.  In Season 2, this sex tape is…leaked!

Little Horribles is a new web series that follows a single lesbian (Amy Rubin) as she navigates her thirties in Los Angeles. The show, created by Amy Rubin recently made Variety’s list of “Top Ten Best Web Series of 2013” impressively ranking at # 4. 

Nikki & Nora follows New Orleans locals Nikki Beaumont (Liz Vassey) and Nora Delany (Christina Cox) as they juggle the inner-workings of their personal lives with their roles as private investigators in America's oldest party town.

Secrets and Toys is a delightful short film where a surprise visit, a bumbling bestie, and many years of tight-lipped deception cause EVERYONE'S ish to hit the fan. The chaos caused in this comedy of errors is full of sexy moments and tons of laughter. Secrets and Toys will warm your heart as you root for the lovers to make it through the storm. 
Starring Dalila Ali Rajah (Cherry Bomb, Grey's Anatomy, New Girl), Shelli Boone (Saints and Sinners, Entourage), Diane Sellers (Rules of Engagement, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia), Darryl Stephens (Noah's Arc, Hot Guys with Guns), Doug Spearman (Noah's Arc, Old Dogs & New Tricks), Jill Bennett (Second Shot, Dante's Cove), among others.

God-Des and She Documentary follows the music duo God-Des and She as they return to their mid-west roots to attend a family function and to perform at a pride concert.  The duo talk about how they came to collaborate, their family and what their 2006 performance on The L Word has meant to their career.  A hip-hop/pop/soul duo bred in the Midwest, God Des & She now play to packed venues all over the world from New York to Sweden.

TRAILER (Exclusive premiere)
Girl Gets Girl is a feature film from the creators of the popular Chica Busca Chica (Girl Seeks Girl) series. A romantic comedy that tells the story of Nines, the restless lady-killer, coming back home from the States. Nines has tried to reinvent herself in Miami but it hasn´t worked as she expected. Nine years after leaving Spain she decides to go back home and win Carmen´s heart. The only problem? Carmen is straight and lives with Mónica the woman Nines left their wedding day. The film is directed by Sonia Sebastian.  Stars include Celia Freijeiro, María Botto and Adriana Torrebejano

The Dinah Shore Film Festival was launched last year as a way to promote the work of talented independent filmmakers and to show a glimpse of lesbian culture. Supporting filmmakers and film is important for Club Skirts’ founder and producer Mariah Hanson. 

“I was thrilled with the success of last year's film festival. We've expanded the format to include a wider variety of all types of films and are donating 100% of the proceeds to our filmmakers,” says Hanson. “I know this will eventually become one of the more popular events at The Dinah. We plan to continue to offer more wide ranged programming so that women from all backgrounds and interests can experience the lesbian pride and visibility of The Dinah.”

The Dinah Film Festival is a two-hour event. A special Q&A with the filmmakers will follow the screening. 
100% of the proceeds from the event will be donated to all participating independent filmmakers. 


For more information go to:
Tickets $15 in advance. $20 at the door. 

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The Date is...Kiss Her I'm Famous - Season 2


Season 2 of the web sensation "Kiss Her I'm Famous", created by Rolla Selbak, is set to premiere on Monday, January 27, 2014 on
All regular episodes (5 episodes) will be airing at the same time so fans can enjoy a binge-watching marathon of "KHIF". Audiences will have the exclusive opportunity to bypass all of the anticipation and indulge in five glorious episodes all at once.

The two-part season finale will then stream online on February 14 (Valentine's day).

Created and directed by San Francisco based award-winning filmmaker Rolla Selbak, the show is based on two hilarious and clueless characters played by The Real L-Word’s Tracy Ryerson and Ilea Matthews (The Violent Kind), who aim to create a celebrity sex tape to launch them into fame.

In Season 2, this sex tape is…leaked. What comes next for Jen (Ilea Matthews) and Mandy (Tracy Ryerson)?

Ilea Matthews, Tracy Ryerson, Fawz Mirza & Noureen DeWulf at the Screening Premiere of Season 2

The new season, which comprises a total of 7 episodes, will feature many surprises including the addition of actress Noureen DeWulf who is best known for her role as sexy therapy patient Lacey in Charlie Sheen’s hit TV comedy "Anger Management".  

"Kiss her I'm Famous" is the new comedy that has made a name for itself on cyberspace during its initial season 1.

The show satirizes the booming business of the sex tape madness, and how celebrity wannabes utilizes their home movies as a ticket to greater stardom and a major payday. The first season of the show premiered last year to great success, with the trailer alone reaching 1 MILLION+ combined views on YouTube in less than a week!

Season 1 and 2 of "Kiss Her I'm Famous" can viewed on

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Interview Series - Creators of Kelsey (Webseries)

Kelsey Rauber (l.) & Christina Raia (r.)
This past Sunday I had the pleasure of  sitting down with the creators of the hit web series, Kelsey. The series is mid-way into its first season, releasing a new episode every other Tuesday, it can be seen on several platforms, such as bliptv, youtube, vimeo and your very own PNT Tv.

Based on writer Kelsey Rauber's own experiences, it was director Christina Raia who spotted the potential and suggested they make a story out of it, so the series Kelsey was born. The series is produced by the duo under Christina Raia's production company, CongestedCat Productions.

Kelsey follows the plight of a talkative, humorous, and often self-deprecating lesbian, that has just ended -  her long term relationship and with the help of her friends, her slow re-entry into the world of the living dating.

The warmth and humor even extends to the creative method Christina and Kelsey came up with the title. According to Kelsey,
Oh, haha funny story. In the first round of scripts the main character was named Charisma, but Christina did not approve (thankfully). So after much back and forth I suggested 'Christina', and she just rolled her eyes and said 'Why not Kelsey?'
And with that small antidote, it is easy to see how Kelsey (the writer) became Kelsey the series!

PNT Tv's Interview Series - Creators of Kelsey... by leztuesday

Kelsey's cast include: Nichole Yannetty (Kelsey), Sharina Martin, Brennan Taylor, & Daniel K Isaac

To follow the series:

Official webpage -
Facebook -
Twitter -
PNT Tv Channel -

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Interview with AWOL Director Deb Shoval

Deb Shoval
11.19.13 - Deb Shoval's 2011 short film, AWOL is simply great. Rarely do I come across shorts that I hope become feature films actually do but that is the case for AWOL, which premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.

At Sundance she was awarded the Women in Film LA Grant from Kodak, Technicolor, and CalmDown Productions. The feature has already participated in IFP narrative Labs.

Shoval directs and co-wrote the feature with Karolina Waclawiak. Shot entirely in Northeastern Pennsylvania over two seasons, the upcoming feature is 1/3 complete according to its director.

The feature follows a 19 year-old solider , Joey (played by Lola Kirke), just before her deployment, as she returns to her hometown on a recruitment assignment at the local mall. Infatuated with her older lover, Rayna (Breeda Wool) 27, a sassy, sexy, married mother of two, Joey navigates her way through a palpable hierarchy of class as she plots to flee the Army in the name of love.

Joey (Lola Kirke) and Rayna (Breeda Wool) (AWOL dir. Deb Shoval)
Film credits include;

Rayna: Breeda Wool,
Joey: Lola Kirke
Pete: Ted Welch
Roy: Bill Sage
Kristin: Charlotte Maltby
Haley: TBA

DOP: Gal Deren
Producer: Jessica Calwell
Co-Writers: Deb Shoval & Karolina Waclawiak

Lola Kirke as Joey

I recently sat down and had an in-depth conversation with the filmmaker. Listen below to the interview in its entirety. The short can be seen here.

To back this project and watch the filmmaker’s personal pitch video, click here. And follow the film’s progress on Facebook.

All photos courtesy the AWOL production team.

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Filmmaker Rolla Selbak Releases Official Season 2 Trailer for "Kiss Her I'm Famous'

Featuring Actresses Noureen DeWulf from "Anger Management" & Tracy Ryerson from "The Real L Word"

Los Angeles, CA 10.28.13 - It's official,  Filmmaker Rolla Selbak released today the season 2 trailer for Kiss Her I'm Famous. Be the first to watch it right here on the new site:

Season will feature many surprises including the addition of actress Noureen DeWulf who is best known for her role as sexy therapy patient Lacey in Charlie Sheen’s hit TV comedy, Anger Management. DeWulf's character is definitely a troublemaker! She's described in the show as an evil Disney princess. She's the grower of her own Kombucha and somewhat of a hilarious anomaly.

Selbak just wrapped the filming of the season 2 in Los Angeles and is now launching an IndieGogo Crowdfunding campaign for reimbursement of locations and equipment,: Check out the Indiegogo campaign for details, and please do donate if you like what you see.  it ends on Halloween:

The series returns on cyberspace in January 2014 on, and will feature a total of 7 episodes.


Selbak's most recent credits include writing and directing the internationally acclaimed feature film "Three Veils”, starring Sheetal Sheth (Looking for Comedy in a Muslim World, I Can’t Think Straight), Mercedes Masohn (666 Park Ave), and featuring Eric Avari (Heros, The Mummy).  The film confronts delicate subject matters such as arranged marriage, homosexuality, and love within the Muslim-American subculture, and portrays the leading female characters as human beings first, women second, and their cultural surroundings as veils that dictate how much of their inner-selves are revealed.

With "Three Veils", Rolla Selbak,  who grew up in the Middle East and chafed under the strict social structure of a Muslim family, delivered a snapshot of her feelings about how women's rights are trampled under in her otherwise rich and vibrant culture. The feature film won Best Screenplay at San Diego LGBT International 2012; Best LGBT Film at the New York City International Film Festival 2011; Jury Award Best Film at S.F Women's International 2011; Jury Award Best Female Feature at the Long Island LGBT Film Fest 2011; and the Rainbow Award at the Honolulu LGBT Film Fest 2011, among other.

Her previous feature, “Making Maya”, has found a successful niche within the independent film world, and has been screened at film festivals and universities nation-wide.  She was announced a Winner of the LinkTV’s One Nation Many Voices film competition in 2008 for her documentary “Green Blue Sea”, profiling a young, Palestinian scuba diver, and his profound respect for the ocean.
She is known to delve into subject matters that bear distinctively bold, thought-provoking and compelling qualities.
The Palestinian native has been invited to speak at multiple panels on independent filmmaking and women in the arts, and was a grant panelist for the 2008 Regional Arts & Culture Council of Oregon.  Her other notable achievements include scoring and writing music for her films, and being a recipient of the inaugural Women’s Vision Film grant for her screenwriting, awarded by the Faerie Godmother Fund.

Mona Elyafi :Guest Blogger
Founder and CEO, ILDK Media; author and freelance writer
Follow Mona Elyafi on Twitter:
Full Bio:

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Interview with Heather Tobin 2013

Actress Emily Alatalo and filmmaker Heather Tobin
9.30.13: Almost to the year of her first interview with Cin4lez, uber independent filmmaker Heather Tobin has allowed us to steal a few moments out of her rather busy life to answer our questions on the progress of her latest film, 'Route of Acceptance' and what the innovative filmmaker may have brewing on the burner of her film company

The DVDs to her films are available from that location.

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Interview with Rebound's M.J. Corey


9.11.13: Inspired by the short story published in The Brooklyn Rail (2011) by M.J Corey, REBOUND is a short film directed by Leslie Kwon, about a neurotic new lesbian, M.J. (ShaQuanna Williams) is having a rough night out at The Metropolitan, the iconic Williamsburg bar off the Lorimer stop on the L train. M.J. just had her heart broken, so with her best friend (Cindy Ho) in tow, she’s on a mission to get kissed. By dawn, M.J. will have trekked across a beautiful and weird landscape of PBR, sex, drugs, innocence, ignorance, an organic grocery store, rap music, and frat guys.

The film is now in the last stages of post-production, having wrapped a successful shoot. They now are in need of a little help to get to the 2014 festival circuit and other high cost leftover from the production.

If you decide to support this film you will not only pick up unique perks available just to you, you will also be giving support to a very talented but broke Brooklyn artists.

The following is a email correspondence I had with writer, M.J.Corey about her film, REBOUND. Please consider donating to our IndieGogo campaign here.

Rachel (Cindy Ho) and M.J. (ShaQuanna Williams)

Tee: I know that Rebound was inspired by a short story by M.J Corey but what was the ideology behind the making of the film?

M.J.Corey: Well, the beauty of Rebound is that it's pretty raw and straightforward, despite the fact that the aesthetic approach to the film is fairly stylized. It sucks to have a broken heart, it sucks to be lonely in a bar, it sucks to be 18 and desperate. New York City is an intense- and cinematic- place to be having these kinds of intense feelings. If any given narrative could be seen as either a tragedy or a comedy, the written version of Rebound definitely takes the tragic token and I'd call Rebound the film more of a comedy. It's funny that I wrote Rebound when I was 19 feeling really serious and dramatic about it, and now, revisiting the story at 23, it's become a source of hilarity to me. It goes to show how much perspective changes with time. "It gets better!!"

Tee: I gather from your online sources that Rebound was filmed by a single-camera was that choice because of funding or was it pre-planned and if so why?

MJC: It was pre-planned. Our DP, Rex Yau, came with his own equipment. I don't know anything about the technical aspect of things- just that we did cool and complicated things with lighting on set that required brights and filters. And that all the shots came out gorgeously.

Tee: This next question is in two-parts. Once you have completed the film what is your next move and can we expect to see the film on the festival circuit?

MJC: The next move is a private screening for cast and crew. Then a screening at Bluestockings in the Lower East Side. Then, yes, exactly- festival submissions. We'll see where it winds up!

Tee: I see you gathered a ethnically diverse cast. Was that also predetermined or merely coincidental?

MJC: Pretty much coincidental. Leslie and I met at a Bluestockings screening and we were the original duo: Leslie is Korean American and I'm Middle Eastern. And then, building from our core team, it fell together naturally. We didn't have any ethnicities in mind during casting; we went with who had the best grasp of the characters' essences. Nikki killed it as Alex, and she happens to be Indian. Same with all our other actresses. I didn't think about it till now that you mentioned it, but you're right - it is a very diverse movie, and I'm glad about that. What's cool is that you're speaking from your knowledge of the cast- but behind the scenes, our crew was extremely diverse too. That's the way it ought to be, and I'm happy to realize it was inherent in our process.

Tee: After Rebound is there anything is the works for this team or was this a one-off?

MJC: I'm not sure, actually. I know we all want to keep doing what we do. Rex is an amazing DP with a thriving business and Leslie was born to direct. I would like to continue producing on the side and I probably have a few more screenplays up my sleeve. We'll see.

Tee: Final question. What impression do you wish to achieve with your film?

MJC: I can't speak for the director or our actresses, but I wrote the story so that everyone in the audience could wallow in self-loathing, self-pity and utter bewilderment with me, up till the last scene, when suddenly everything makes sense. You'll have to see it to get what I mean. If you want to get deep about it, in a small picture way, what I really want is for people to access their shame, really feel things, and then to feel better. To alleviate those feelings, in a sense. In a big picture way, I hope this movie will be regarded as one of the better "gay" movies. Because we all know that most gay movies that have been made so far have sucked. At least, the ones for women. I hope people will see the satire in it and I hope they'll see themselves in it. This movie contains a lot and there's a lot to see in it.

Share, visit and join them on Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Official Website

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A Chat with Lover's Game Danielle Earle

13.05.13 Tee: Sometimes an interview goes awry and all plans are twatted, but ends up being better than you imagined it could be. Such is what happened with my latest interview with filmmaker, Danielle Earle.

First the software I needed to record our interview wasn't working as well as I had hoped but after I spent 5 hours trouble shooting the problem, we had to call off the live video interview because of technical problems on her end.

So after a lot of patience, a very co-operative subject and some editing magic, we ended up with the best possible results I could have asked for.

Having already created the successful web series, 'Brooklyn is in Love' creator/writer and director, Danielle Earle now puts her talent and resources toward making what's gearing up as one of the most anticipated lesbian films for 2013.

Check out all episodes from the award winning series, starting with Season 1...HERE.

Written, directed and produced by Danielle Earle. Edited by Stephanie Lazorchak  and starring Miranda McCauley (Gillian), Crawford M. Collins (Annabella) and Blaine Pennington (Vincent) as the main protagonists. (Full details here).

Vincent and Annabella are a wealthy couple living in New York City. They want to have a child but soon discover that children will never be a possibility for them. Soon, their ambitions for a family begin to affect their marriage. Annabella then meets Gillian; a seductive, exotic lesbian painter who changes her whole perspective on her future plans with Vincent. Soon, Annabella and Gillian's relationship causes a roller coaster of emotions, betrayal, and seduction that causes Annabella to reach her breaking point.

Find Them:
Website | IMDb | Facebook | Twitter | Mixtape  - complied by Danielle Earle for on

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Interview with UK Webseries Co-creator

Last week our parent site, The PNT Tv Network introduced their first UK webseries, "In the Deep". ITD is a urban black series about a group of four close knit best friends, all closely guarding secrets of their own.

Ade, stuck between two worlds, Nigerian and gay. He lives a double life, hiding his relationships on both ends; Emilia has the confusing ‘thing’ with Riley her straight best friend; Wesley looking for that love thing and two come at once; Rene happy go carefree whose life is about to hit a brick wall.

In the Deep is not your average glance into the gay and lesbian sub-culture tucked away in East London but a in-depth stare into the everyday lives, loves and lies of these characters.

Personalities as diverse as only the common similarities shared in their friendships. Their individual story-lines will take us in new and yet familiar paths as promised by producer, writer and co-creator Joy Gharoro-Akpojotor. The following is a interview I had recently with the budding filmmaker about her new series, her quest to secure financing and her hope to reach others that have mirroring lives.

The have completed the first two episodes for viewing and they both can be seen on their channel on PNT Tv. The more successful their fundraising campaign goes the higher the quality and the faster they reach their goal is the faster they resume Season 1.



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Lesbian Films for 2013

(10/01/13) - 2012 was indisputably the best year for lesbian films in a long time, if not ever. The evolution of equipment, technology and the Internet have given first time as well as seasoned filmmakers the capability to make the films they want to make and by providing access to audiences they want to reach.

Fundraising websites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo have lead the way as a gateway for independent filmmakers to be able to control their own funding therefore their projects.

As a filmmaker myself, I will be chronicling my experiences and journey as I make my first feature film from its development stage to its premiere on its blog.

In the meantime however, I have gathered a list of narrative films making either their premiere or being offered on DVD for 2013.

2013 Releases :
Frauensee (Woman's Lake: Germany 2013) IMDb
Young and Wild (Joven y Alocada: Chile, 2012) IMDb
Girltrash: All Night Long (USA, 2013) IMDb
Concussion (USA, 2013) IMDb
Afternoon Delight (USA, 2013) IMDb
Untold (USA, 2013) IMDb
Route of Acceptance (USA, 2013) IMDb
Submerge (AUS, 2013) IMDb
Shakedown (USA, 2013, Documentary)

DVD Releases :
A Perfect Ending (USA, 2012) IMDb
Black Tar Road (USA, 2012) IMDb
Mosquita Y Mari (USA, 2012) IMDb
The Skinny (USA, 2012) IMDb
I Do (USA, 2012) IMDb
Stud Life (UK, 2012) IMDb
FourPlay (2012) IMDb
Call Me Kuchu (USA/UGANDA, 2012) IMDb
Mommy Is Coming (GER, 2012) IMDb
Mapa Para Conversar (CHILE, 2012) IMDb
The Adored (UK, 2012) IMDb
Mia  (Agentina, 2011) Review | IMDb
Cloudburst (USA/CAN, 2011) IMDb
Mary Marie (2010) IMDb
Lengua materna (Mother Tongue, ARG, 2010) IMDb

Cinema Premiere:
Passion (USA, 2012) - IMDb

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