Lesbian Films for 2013

(10/01/13) - 2012 was indisputably the best year for lesbian films in a long time, if not ever. The evolution of equipment, technology and the Internet have given first time as well as seasoned filmmakers the capability to make the films they want to make and by providing access to audiences they want to reach.

Fundraising websites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo have lead the way as a gateway for independent filmmakers to be able to control their own funding therefore their projects.

As a filmmaker myself, I will be chronicling my experiences and journey as I make my first feature film from its development stage to its premiere on its blog.

In the meantime however, I have gathered a list of narrative films making either their premiere or being offered on DVD for 2013.

2013 Releases :
Frauensee (Woman's Lake: Germany 2013) IMDb
Young and Wild (Joven y Alocada: Chile, 2012) IMDb
Girltrash: All Night Long (USA, 2013) IMDb
Concussion (USA, 2013) IMDb
Afternoon Delight (USA, 2013) IMDb
Untold (USA, 2013) IMDb
Route of Acceptance (USA, 2013) IMDb
Submerge (AUS, 2013) IMDb
Shakedown (USA, 2013, Documentary)

DVD Releases :
A Perfect Ending (USA, 2012) IMDb
Black Tar Road (USA, 2012) IMDb
Mosquita Y Mari (USA, 2012) IMDb
The Skinny (USA, 2012) IMDb
I Do (USA, 2012) IMDb
Stud Life (UK, 2012) IMDb
FourPlay (2012) IMDb
Call Me Kuchu (USA/UGANDA, 2012) IMDb
Mommy Is Coming (GER, 2012) IMDb
Mapa Para Conversar (CHILE, 2012) IMDb
The Adored (UK, 2012) IMDb
Mia  (Agentina, 2011) Review | IMDb
Cloudburst (USA/CAN, 2011) IMDb
Mary Marie (2010) IMDb
Lengua materna (Mother Tongue, ARG, 2010) IMDb

Cinema Premiere:
Passion (USA, 2012) - IMDb


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